How Power Factor Correction Devices Are Suitable For Your Home?

Saving the energy and electricity balances the phase supply of the home. For maintaining this, understanding the power factor correction is an append study to reduce the power drawn from the power suppliers. It helps in raising the power factor of the home and enhances the capacity buildup of the electrical systems.

Caused by inductive electrical loads, the devices with low power factor like electrical motors, transformers and many more require electric current that creates a magnetic field to produce the high-quality work. Examples are from the home applications including washing machines that have the electric motor to circulate the water through running a pump and turning the agitator.


Knowing deeply about the work of washing machine, it  requires a large amount of energy for a startup to run at  the steady speed. At the startup mode, the reactive power  of a motor causes the power factor that helps in reducing  the efficiency of the purchased electricity. Thus, this is  where your home qualifies as a good aspirant for engaging with the power correction device.

If you look at your kitchen, where the refrigerator consists of several motors, motors in rage hood is to power the ventilation fan, microwave may contain a motor, and a dishwasher has one or two motors follow the procedure to help improving the effectiveness of the power factor correction devices.

Electrical systems like the air conditioner or the heaters require the electric motors to move the air. Nowadays, many homes use ceiling fans. Bathrooms and kitchens have exhaust fans. If you have the pool or well, then also the furnaces play a vital role. There are door openers and power tools in the garages. Thus, there is no balancing of the power supply without the power factor correction.

You all know that the luminous lights anywhere in the house are helpful in lowering the power factor. The good thing is that you need to recognize about the motor-driven devices for the various electrical devices. By installing the power correction devices in your home, you can save a significant amount of money on your monthly electric bills.

The power correction device increases branch capacity of the electrical systems. There is a need to maintain the correction of the power factor else it can cause the power losses in the distribution system. This causes the light to dim when the motor is turned on. Somehow, it will indicate the occurrence of the drop in voltage due to the premature failure of the motors and the inductive equipments.


Power factor correction in general, is a correction of the harmonic filter for the supply of power to the electrical equipment that increases the efficiency of the home applications. By reducing the amount of the electrical usage, the actual amount of electricity being drawn by any devices does not change the requirement of consumption. Hence, power factor correction not only consumes the energy, but also maintains the cost effectiveness fact.

In other words, the power factor devices regularly incorporate only a capacitor that associates in parallel as the extra load. The impact of these two opposing reactance in parallel is to bring the circuit’s aggregate receptive power near to zero.


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