Benefits of Linear Encoder Technologies

The linear motion applications are more in demanding. Having the long list of its advantages, the companies of motion control endeavors to meet the requirements by frequent technological advancement. In early times, it was difficult to accomplish the task of commercially available linear bearings featuring the load capacity and the stiffness. In present times, there are various linear bearings available, which are cost-effective.

With the increase in high accuracy and high speed application, the linear encoder technologies have high resolution capabilities. For quick response, the idea depends on the concept of the linear encoder Technologies.


Concept behind the Linear Encoder Technologies:

Like that of the optical rotary encoder, the idea behind the encoder technologies is quite simple. The designs of the motor define the load connectivity to the motor. Due to this, the linear transmission devices achieve the linear motion. With the developments, the process of the motion control system becomes expensive and limited. But, due to high speed operation and intensive materials, the industries are getting the major profits.

However, the speed of commutation process is not the limited factor. It depends on the force generated by the same size motor than the technology due to improved magnet materials. Thus, with the increase in the new technologies, the benefits of the linear encoder Technologies including linear motors or the optical rotary encoders are affecting the industrial sector effectively.


  1. High Pace: The speed of the controlled devices maximizes and limits the speed of the linear motor. Initially, the linear motors and encoders depend on the coarser resolution.
  2. Great Accuracy: Have you heard of the feedback devices? These are the devices that control the accuracy and resolution of the linear devices. It limits the budget and the system bandwidth.
  3. Fast Reaction: The expected response rate of a linear motor driven rate is 100 times that of the mechanical transmission. It fastens the accelerations in an accurate time.
  4. Rigidity: More the stiffness, more gaining of the current. The coil rate of the linear motor driven system is more than the other devices.
  5. Zero Counterattacks: No backlash or recoil is present in the absence of the mechanical transmission components. For this, the resolution consideration is necessary.

Selecting the right linear or optical encoder products will simplify the visual applications.


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